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PETAL is a way of planning how to structure and write essays in English, and were going to teach you how to use it!

There are a several methods we can use to structure paragraphs when writing an English essay, and at the end of the day, they all help you achieve the same objective – having a debate, and presenting an argument to support it before providing a summary that shows you’ve been in the library and you know your stuff!

PETAL is an easy and effective tool to help you do this task. PETAL is an acronym and stands for Point, Evidence, Technique, Analysis and Link. Jot down a sentence for each one and you’ll have the foundation for a solid paragraph. Look at the examples below for a better understanding:

POINT: I believe that…

Begin on the basis of your point. Answer the essay question you’ve been asked to get the ball rolling, and highlight your argument using clear sentences. What is your perspective? Express yourself. But you have to back it up, with evidence.


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EVIDENCE: This is shown by…

It is imperative, that you back it up with evidence from the text you’re referring to in your argument. Use a quote or sentence to support your viewpoint – present specific evidence that you can analyse. It may be an idea to throw in your favourite quotation or an easy phrase to recite as this is where you back up your point and prove you understand both the text and you know how to talk about the text.

TECHNIQUE: This is an example of…

On the point of talking about the text, this is where you get to show off the skills you’ve learnt here. Identify the method being applied to the text – is the quote being used to create a mood? Does it reveal something about a writer? Does it use a clever metaphor or a hopeless statement to get your point across?

ANALYSIS: This proves my point because…

Now you’ve learned the technique, you can dive deeper by discussing the definition and / or the effect of the point you’ve quoted or referenced. How does the technique and evidence combine to support your argument? This is about your point of view – how you narrow down the specifics of the article and work out what it’s doing, and why.

LINK: Therefore, I believe that…

Lastly, steer your ideas back to your point you made and the essay question. Wrap it up with a bow and start on the next paragraph.

Repeat the above steps three or four times, and then you’ve just the grand conclusion to finish. Like this!

Uhh, groan…

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