Our carefully selected teachers guarantee the highest standards

Qualified, experienced and globally minded

We are aware that one of the most important people in your learning journey is your teacher. Our truly international teachers, are passionate about their profession and enjoy working in multi-cultural classroom environments. They will guide you on a clear structured, step by step pathway to fluency.

Experience dynamic and engaging lessons that prove what teachers of English can do. They will help improve your English knowledge and skills, help you build your confidence, and enable you to progress in your everyday life and career.

Learning levels (CEFR)

Lingo Perfecto teachers use the Common European Framework of Reference, usually known as the CEFR, when discussing the level that a student has achieved.

Teaching methodology

Our English language-learning methodology focuses not only on the spoken aspect but also on the written and grammar aspects respectively.

Quality e-material and resources

We have created a wide range of quality materials and free resources full of tips and advice to help support you as you learn English on one of our courses.

All of our teachers are Cambridge CELTA qualified and are guaranteed to deliver a positive impact on learning English in the classroom. Cambridge CELTA English teaching qualifications are recognised around the world as the international quality standard.

Our unrivalled depth of experience in national education systems, international education and English language learning allows us to carry out in-depth research into assessment in English, as we unlock the power of English for thousands of learners across the world.

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