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Our courses are clearly structured and each level uses e-learning resources complemented by videos, audio and readers. Students get homework each lesson to consolidate work completed in class, and your progress is assessed on a regular basis through tests and exams.

Lingo Perfecto uses cutting-edge e-learning material built on tried and trusted methodology and contains motivating lessons that encourage you to speak with confidence.

Structured syllabus & inergrated lessons

Our unique, lively and enjoyable lessons are renowned for getting students talking. In fact, 90% of Lingo Perfecto students find that the course improves their English skills quicky.

Quality e-learning materials

Lingo Perfecto teachers use lots of fun and interesting e-learning activities to help students get the most out of their lessons. Teachers and students have access – in one easy to manage place.

6 Levels -
Starter to advanced

Courses are available for all levels of learners and we are confident that lessons are suitable – not too easy and not too difficult. You can take our free online level test to find your level!

Planned lessons and engaging activities

We provide the necessary language, motivation and opportunity for you to talk in English with confidence. You learn to build confidence to communicate with a proven balance of English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Skills Development in everyday situations. Lingo Perfecto’s six-level CEFR syllabus combined with cutting-edge resources provide the communication skills you need for immediate use.

All Lingo Perfecto teachers have world-renowned Cambridge CELTA qualifications

Our truly international teaching experts are passionate about their profession and enjoy working in multi-cultural classroom environments.

International native English teachers and examiners Lingo Perfecto 2021

Key features

    • Relevant texts, topics and listenings, based on feedback from Lingo Perfecto teachers.
    • NEW e-learning resource centre to manage all your resources and materials in one place.
    • Quality video listening activities integrated into each course unit, documentaries and dramas make lessons more exciting.
    • Dynamic classroom presentation tools show the course content on screen to deliver engaging lessons.
    • Innovative online practice provides learners with extra practice for each lesson and allows you to check your progress.

Improve your English speaking skills.

Lingo Perfecto has taught thousands of students to learn English for over 30 years and our teachers feel that our e-learning resources have significantly helped develop students’ English language skills.

    • Our e-books help students speak English more confidently and fluently.
    • The biggest impact on students speaking skills are Practical English activities and collaborative tasks.
    • Immerse yourself in real life topics so you can learn to speak with confidence.

How it works

Learn about the Lingo Perfecto learning approach and your path to fluency.

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