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If you are reading this then you are serious about learning English, and it sounds like you are …
When you are learning English, sometimes just having lessons is not enough practice, and one of the best and most helpful methods you can follow is to immerse yourself completely in English.

So, how do I do that, I hear you asking …

You can surround yourself with English without having to buy an airline ticket and fly off to an English speaking country!

Through experience, our teachers believe that the best way for students to learn English is through immersion. Unfortunately, not all our students can afford to spend months at a time on holiday in London or New York where English is the local lingo. Don’t be discouraged though, let me continue …

Thanks to advances in technology and human creativity, you can surround yourself with English anytime, anywhere.

1. Change the language settings on your phone to English

Super easy.

2. Listen to podcasts or a news channel in English

Yes, I know you don’t need more news to listen to, but do it anyway. There are a lot of great options out there, especially on YouTube. You can find many learning podcasts in English.

3. Watch a TV show with subtitles in English

Netflix has settings which allows you to change subtitle languages. Cartoons are great for lower levels or sitcoms, such as Friends for higher levels.

4. Label things (appliances and furniture) in English around your home using post-it notes

When your friends visit they will see how cultured you are and it’ll help you regularly expose yourself to English vocabulary, so you’ll really feel like you’re getting into English language immersion.

5. Cook a meal following an English recipe

This can combine your love of the English language with your passion for cooking and eating, plus you can learn new culinary skills along the way. However, any mistakes you make will become apparent at dinner time.

6. Surf the internet in English

Yes, English is the Lingua franca of the world wide web, and there are 1000000s of websites in English. If you need help tracking down good resources, here are some tips to get started ‘English: the language of the internet’ for English learning.

7. Read the news in English

Let’s face it, we are all sick of reading the news in English. However, there are some engaging alternatives out there. The Guardian newspaper offers some engaging content, but you can also read local news to learn about the surrounding culture while learning more English.

8. Train your pet dog or cat in English

Just kidding, cats speak Purrsian. But seriously, dogs can be trained in any language and it can be a lot of fun. Their vocabulary may be limited, but it’s a great party trick.

9. Get a pen pal who lives USA, UK or Canada

There are websites where you can meet people from any country around the world! You search for someone learning English, or you can find someone learning your native tongue and trade off.

10. Watch British films

You can’t really appreciate Monty Pythons Life of Brian until you’ve seen it in English. Plus, there are a ton of great films in English. The number of online film streaming services has made exploring options easier than ever.

11. Write your to-do list in English

Adding simple tasks like this to your daily rituals will certainly give you more English language practice, especially if you don’t have enough time to sit through a lesson. It’ll work, as long as you don’t get stuck trying to remember what you wrote down in English!

12. Order food in English

It could seem to be condescending if you start speaking English when you’re ordering fish and chips, but if you find a jovial waiter it can be both fun and worth a try. Just remember to get the pronunciation right!

13. Play video games in English

This could entail either changing the settings of the video games, or playing online multiplayer games with people who speak English. There’s no reason the only language you need to learn in World of Warcraft is Elven.

14. Chat to your colleagues in English

It’ll be great if you know they already have an interest in English. Who knows, maybe you’ll get your whole office onto the English immersion train!

15. Create a finsta for your English alter ego.

Whether you like shopping, food or fashion, create an Instagram account in English and if you don’t want to fill your main Instagram feed with content in your native language, create a second Instagram just for learning English! @Jane is a plain girl, but @Jane can be whoever she wants to be here on Instagram.

16. Start to Tweet in English

Like Instagram, Twitter combines your interests with your desire for learning English and it’s not hard to find accounts in English. If Donald Trump can tweet in English, so can you.

17. Read novels in English

Reading in English is good, but really being able to understand English literature in its original form is an exhilarating experience. If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably need to keep a dictionary nearby.

18. Read Buzz Feed in English

Don’t tell me you’ve never read any of their articles. So many websites have versions of their articles in English, BuzzFeed has enough content to keep any English language learner busy until bedtime.

19. Join Facebook groups

While it seemed like everyone was leaving Facebook a few years ago, Facebook groups have brought a lot of people back, especially during the lock-down. There are groups devoted to all kinds of topics, especially English language learning tips & techniques, or you may just want to find funny memes in English. After all, memes are a universal language.

20. Listen to music in English

No, not just The Beatles, music can be a great resource, whether you’re translating the lyrics ‘word for word’ or just humming along to songs in the background (English immersion doesn’t mean you have to be listening to every word or understand all the grammar). Check out some of our favourite hits.

21. Learn to swear in English

Be careful you don’t get into trouble if you do. And, yes, swearing every now and again is good for you, too.

22. Write a diary in English

This is also a good way to record your English learning journey, plus you can see your own personal development and milestones over time. Depending on how creative you want to be, you could create an Instagram English language learning diary which is both useful and creative.

23. And lastly, you could join online classes

We have a few suggestions for you. Take a look below …

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